Canopy Growth Corporation : State of the Union

Despite the negative downturn we have experienced these last three months, Canopy Growth has been busy behind the scenes working its magic. Lets recap the operational success Canopy Growth Corporation has had this year.


  • Launch of the new International Medical Cannabis Brand : Spectrum Cannabis.
    • Expansion into Chile, continued sales and expansion in Germany.


  • Launch of first-to-market easy to consume softgel capsules, now available in Canada.
    • Game changer in the medical capsule market. First mover and establisher.


  • Tweed Main Street boasts 58,000 + customers, 31 different products on the menu which includes seeds, dried flower,oils and softgel capsules across eight magnificently diverse brands.  


  • Tweed and Tweed Farms facilities have received certificates of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


  • Canopy Rivers closed an offering of 36.2 M on June,16th, 2017. This offering increases the Canopy River war chest to approximately $56 million CAD.
    • Canopy Rivers is a growth capital and strategic support platform focused on accelerating development of the craft and commercial scale cannabis industry.
    • On par roughly with Cannabis Wheatons war chest. Link



Canopy Growth Corporation is proving itself as the premium brand and company. They aren’t focused on high fluff news releases, but rather building up assets and brands and keeping the innovation engine chugging along. The last three months were not kind to the share price of $WEED.TO but the long term investors see value and thus have held steadfast & again will be rewarded for their patience.


Canopy Growth Corporation being a first mover here in Canada is exporting the business model to other countries. The International expansion of Canopy Growth Corporation will take the company to new heights in due time, here slow and steady wins the race and the team at Canopy Growth knows that. Canopy Growth Corporation has so far managed to penetrate the German, Australian, Chilean and hopefully soon the Brazilian market.


Unveiling Spectrum Cannabis, a new International Medical Brand: Canopy Growth is excited to unveil a new international medical brand that will serve as the Company’s physician and patient-facing identity in strictly medical markets outside North America, Spectrum Cannabis. Based on the intuitive colour-based system that has served to position Mettrum as an approachable cannabis brand in Canada that attracted more patients than any other reporting producer (except, of course, Tweed) when it was acquired, Spectrum will focus on physician interactions, stakeholder outreach, and patient education. The industry-leading expertise developed in Canada will be applied to markets around the world through this new brand



Canopy Growth Corporation is the leader of the pack or so many analysts and insiders say, and the crown jewel in many weed stock portfolios. Canopy Growth Corporation in the last few months has been busy and living up to their aggressive expansion strategy.



  • Canopy & Mettrum Merger approved by shareholders and regulators.


  • Ticker change from CGC to WEED.
  • Release of positive quarterly earnings report.
  • M.O.U with Namaste Technologies.

March :

  • Canopy Growth Corporation added to the S&P/TSX Composite Index.
  • Launch of Tweed Main Street.


  • Expansion in Western Canada via acquisition of rTree Producers Ltd.
  • Establishment of Canopy Rivers Corporation, Industry’s first streaming & strategic support platform.


  • Canopy Growth Corp welcomes PUF Ventures to the craft grow family.
  • rTrees Cultivation license received.

Current numbers: 

-WEED has 29,000 registered patients as of December 31, 2016.

-Revenue of $9.8 million CAD last quarter.

-Record harvest which yielded 5,264 kilograms of cannabis.

-An inventory worth $50.6 million CAD which is comprised of 8,375 kilograms of dry cannabis and 2,683 litres of cannabis oils.

– Approx $100 million war chest.



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